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oak writing table

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Got anymore of this stuff? Claire uh, well, i think you should wait and ask Elaine? Al where is she? . you said she was here with your friend. Claire maybe she stepped out. Carl (Points to bedroom door) maybe shes in there.

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(Gets out small cups and spoons) carl (to al and somewhat to cave bear (LEO) could i interest you in some cognac? (Hits notes cave bear (LEO) on shoulder) cave bear here is a taxi-driving poet. (cave bear (LEO) drops cigarette and lighter, notices how they fall, picks them up, resumes trancelike stare) Hes as deep as they come. Carl (carl pours al a snifter) Whered you. Al hes also my super! (takes snifter from carl) Dont see this stuff everyday! Pours a hefty amount in snifter) Yo! . you guys sure know how to live it up! (Drinks it down in one take. . Carl coming from you, al, i consider that a compliment. Al (Goes to dirty dishes and picks at leftovers) Yo! .

Al, got anything to eat in the fridge? (cave bear (LEO) glances at her in interest, looks toward the bedroom, pulls out a cigarette and lighter, holds them, essay then resumes trancelike state). Carl, looks like were too late to cool things down. Al (Going through fridge contents) Not if we leave this open. . be surprised how little time it takes to cool my apartment down when i keep the fridge door open. Claire (Gently closing it) Its a wonder nobody ever thought of that,. . But, lets see if the ice cream does the same job first.

oak writing table

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poet is the only animated movement on the roof. . She goes from person to person and takes potato chips and other food that has been carried. . She collects these things in a large bag, occasionally eating some) (claire leads the way through the hallway door into the kitchen. . She puts the ice cream in the table and goes to get her cognac. . al enters and goes right to the refrigerator. . carl crosses to the oak table to pour. . Enters cave bear (LEO) with toolbox. . he crosses into the kitchen, stands and stares as if in a trance, then sits on his toolbox). Claire (Loud, to the bedroom ice cream!

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oak writing table

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Twined bodies slip past colors, flashing voices, laughter scares the atmosphere in an unnatural taunt that sings cold and real. (AL stops second basketball player, points, takes money) (As poet speaks, park in slow time move through building entrance. . drummer goes with the crowd using street items as percussion). An undulating animal moving to the senses, more possessive than desire, more animated by the music of their voices and their sucks. And their blows of their mouths that cater to the trivial. Moving to the beat of the heat of the night that creeps in and takes over and moves their body into brown and green halls, back out of the streets that are lined in black the and white and black and black and silver and points. (In normal time poet follows crowd into building as lawrence quickly renters the kitchen, goes to his bag, slips out a small manuscript and puts it into elaine's shelved manuscript folder. .

Simultaneously elaine is taking down her hair and removing her dress in shadow). Eyes clothe and unclothe the heated movements that slip past wanting, barely touching, being aloof, not conforming, being apart, not being affected, the lie. (claire directs park and drummer onto roof in slow time. . They establish a party for (The party on the roof, supplies sounds, and slow motion sensuous movements. . The new wave couple, basketball player, and others all strike attitude poses, mime conversation, dance, staring out over the park, smoking whatever, etc. .

And their lips taste the smoke of the night! Watching, knowing it is the beginning of a decade of voices. That scream in our ears in the darkness of the night. Till the cold light of the day, in corners and in lies! That settles into truthful wonder.

(AL grabs the new wave couple as they cross, points toward elaine's window. . couple pull out money, hand it to claire. . lawrence and  elaine's embracing shadow is seen in the bedroom). They all line the streets, and the hallways, and the rooms. And their places of living and touching. And meandering like snakes on the hunt.

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They introduce in slow motion mime, bum a cigarette, al and cave bear (LEO) share it and the four talk in hushed tones) (poet lets out a maniacal scream from inside her shelter. . homeless man jumps out in real time, pulls up his pants and runs off screaming Crazy! . Poet (Pops out of spondylolisthesis the shelter in a panic shooting her poem at the world). They are all here! (park continues in slow "time" under poets song as she watches all the people around her. . They huddle together and come up with a plan by looking up toward elaine's resume window). Lining the streets up and down with attitude! Spices of perfumed street smells greeting them before their eyes touch.

oak writing table

An American, solid carved quarter-sawn oak, victoriana secretary, with bookcase and drawers. To see our other bookcases, click here 39 Wide x 16 deep x 73 Tall. The oak table (a two act east village pageant). Writing Sample: (from act one) (click here for hard copy. Copy of entire play is available with consent of author and explicit arrangement. Contact (Lights fade to half as lawrence kisses elaine and pulls her sale into the bedroom. . Half motion dreamlike movements from the characters) (Shadows appear behind poet's squat. . In low conversational tones, carl, claire, meet al and cave bear (LEO). .

Table (TR4238B). Regency cozla oil Lamp (AH44 pair of Pottery Spaniels (PD10067 early 20thc Walnut Glazed bookcase (TR4238J). Antique brass bound Camphor Trunk (TR4238H). Pair of Vintage painted Bedside cabinets (TR4238A). Antique french Fruitwood Table (TR4238e victorian Mahogany Writing Desk (TR4238C decorative painted Whale (PDA/0069). Solid oak victorian Secretary bookcase c-gp1.

Our stunning contemporary desk designs can create a real difference to the appearance of your everyday office, with all the benefits and feel essay of solid wood. Our contemporary console desk is handmade with the inherent beauty and strength of solid wood providing you with a desk that is both sleek and functional. Choose your preferred solid wood from our carefully selected, sustainably sourced solid oak, walnut, cherry or maple to match the style of your office. We can make a desk to suit any sized room and with your choice of design options to conceal your laptop, paperwork, printers and filing. Choose the number and height of drawers, shelves or cupboards you require. All are fitted with our innovative "touch open" mechanism, so drawers open smoothly and silently at the gentlest touch. If you are also looking for a dining table that could double up as your desk we can adapt most of our dining table designs to take one or two drawers along the full dining table length to house your paperwork or laptop.

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Antique oak william 1V Drum Library table sn674. Antique oak william 1V Drum Library table. This very attractive antique oak drum library table dates from the first half of the 19th century. It has a beautiful aged patina giving a deep honey oak colour. The top has a dark green writing leather writing leather with gilt and blind tooling surrounded by a cross band of well figured oak. Our magnificent, luxurious solid wood Console desk is made to your bespoke requirements. It is handmade to order with your choice of the number of drawers, cupboards and pull-out shelves.

oak writing table
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Find your perfect antique table. The oak table (a two act east village pageant) Writing Sample: (from act one) (click here for hard copy. console solid oak writing Desk console solid oak writing Desk console desk in Solid oak with fitted cupboards Console desk in Solid oak.

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  1. Delivery possible save this. Attractive vintage oak rustic country table Drawers Writing Work Craft Desk. We offer a wide variety of antique dining tables for sale. Huge selection of quality antique tables.

  2. Find a solid oak desk on Gumtree, the 1 site for Office desks tables for Sale classifieds ads in the. Solid oak roll top writing. George v 1937 government Stamped oak desk Writing Table.

  3. century Spanish oak writing Table desk features the classic band sawn lyre shaped legs set at an angle and reinforced with hand. You are viewing a lovely victorian Carved oak green Man Single Drawer Writing Table / Desk. Find a writing desk on Gumtree, the 1 site for Office desks tables for Sale classifieds ads in the. art Deco oak desk Writing Desk.

  4. This elegant French oak table in a rich dark color has cabriole legs and a carved scalloped apron. The French oak is a durable hard. Brand new contemporary medium coffee table constructed using solid oak with veneers The table measures H46 x W100 x D75 cm Large open.

  5. George iii regency period chamber writing table attributed to gillows of Lancaster. Old charm oak writing table bureau computer office desk 395.00 Old charm oak writing table bureau computer office desk computer phone. Oak 1900 Antique oak writing Desk, library or Conference table, leather Top.

  6. Attractive vintage, oak, rustic country, table. Drawers, writing, work Craft Desk save this. Italian C1900 burr olive wood writing table 17thc English oak carved coffer c1680, oak, coffer. Regency pollard brown oak library table.

  7. Click here for full details of Antique. Oak, writing, table by Charles Hindley sons. This very attractive antique oak drum library table dates from the first half of the 19th century.

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