Ramayana summary and analysis

The, ramayana, book two, summary and Analysis

ramayana summary and analysis

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In addition, the eldest son had total authority over the other brothers and sisters as well as younger relatives. The family existed without any physical clash among brother, as no one ever lasted for the others wife (Richman 99). This implies that the woman in this society was portrayed as an object that has no particular role in the society. The aim of the woman was to ensure their sons or husbands enjoy all the satisfaction they needed. The Indian writers are involved in the production of books that portray the true state of women in the Indian Society as well as their treatment. Owing to the fact that they were born after Indians independence, language plays an important role in their writing. English language does not have any colonial association with these women.

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However, in short this novel, there are pieces that have been used to demonize the entire culture (Richman 91). Though authored several decades ago, the story still finds its relevance in the society today as it is used in teaching changing lifestyles today. The moral elements found in this novel play an important role in the difficulty experienced in making choices that challenge people, as the chase of characters in the novel. This novel brings a reflection of the qualities that are relevant in bringing change to the overall social norm (Richman 100). This begins by promoting the image of women in the society. The role of women in the Indian culture is under redefinition. The foundation of this definition is based on the character of Sita who is considered a relevant role model for the Indian woman. As a reflection, the entire women folk in the Indian community are portrayed as an integral part of the society, especially the womens psychology. In snoopy an advanced society as that portrayed in the story. Ramayana, the family was the central unit of the society and still remains to be today. However, in the family, the father was treated as a king with total reverence and love.

Women have played a leading role in the formulation of report policies that challenge the gender boundaries creating an open opportunity for all genders in societal responsibilities as compared to the Indian culture. Despite the fact that Chinese women are portrayed as heroes, they are also portrayed as models of virtue in their society. This is a result of the role played by their male counterparts in shaping the female images allowing the conceptions of gender to remain undisturbed at a larger scope. In addition, the male counterparts have also remained focused in their role in ensuring that the patriarchal culture remains unquestioned (Dong 105). This is as opposed to the situation in the Indian culture where female are seen as instrument of labor and domestic keepers in most families. In addition, this culture shows a stronger relationship and bond between male and female. In addition, it has played an important role in the shaping of the political culture in the Chinese culture. The story of, ramayana makes the complete sense of understanding the cultural context of its own time as well as representing its own merit.

ramayana summary and analysis

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On the other hand, women who managed to take the male role were perceived to be a threat to the male overriding culture. There is a big gap between the Indian culture and british the Chinese culture as portrayed by these two novels. In India, women are seen to always rank below the male counterparts. On the other hand, the Chinese culture recognizes the ability of women to rise to take over the role of men in the society and as well be a threat to them. According to maram Epstein, at the center of all ritual practices, there is a belief that rite of distinctions is important for the purposes of maintenance of both social order and domestic understanding (Dong 108). The set of ideas brought in various cultures play an important role in challenging gender boundaries. Disrupting the set of thoughts takes into account factors that define femininity. Women in the Chinese culture challenged these gender boundaries, making them to pose a challenge and threat to the existing distinctions that founded the social order of the society (Dong 108). This therefore implies that the role of women in this culture is basically creation of reforms.

According to the author, the woman in the Chinese culture is defined by the social status of a woman as well as her self or social identity (Richman 91). This identity is in addition defined by the man that is available in each stage of her life. Despite the fact that there are several exceptions to this particular rule, the actual idea of Thrice following surpassed each woman coming to terms with her own identity. This also overshadowed how the society at large perceived her (Keshavarz 12). In the Chinese culture, many women were instrumental in the coming up with Confucian ideas in their own lives. This was done as they still managed to defy the man-woman relationship that came as a result of Confucianism (Dong 105). In addition, certain women who managed to cross the gender boundaries were considered to have realized Confucian ideas. These women portray virtuousness as well as faithfulness and filial shame.

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ramayana summary and analysis

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Incidence of stroke can be tracked broadly, homeworks rather than dividing ischemic events into major and minor back to listings. The superior worth of men has in many years undermined the work of women in many cultures. Traditionally, women writers were not considered as important as the male counterparts. For example, in India, most women writers focus on resume the enclosed domestic space, as well as womens perception of their experience within them. It is also believed that the work of women in the Indian culture will always rank below the works of male writers work. In these novels, the authors depict the psychological suffering of the frustrated housewife and women at large. This subject brings the matter to a consideration as superficial compared to the representation of the suppression and conflicted lives of women of the inferior classes.

Majority of the Indian women authors have played an important role in composition of poetry and short stories. This implies that women are the holders of the rich oral tradition as well as story telling through story telling. In addition, women are best placed in the narration and understanding of myths, legends in addition to songs and fables (Keshararz 11). On the other hand, the Chinese history and culture is marked by the confucian doctrine which is the Thrice following (Keshararz 12). This basically gave a summary of the role of the woman in the entire society.

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ramayana summary and analysis

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ramayana summary and analysis
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