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Harassment, essay, research Paper Sexual HarassmentMany companies

harassment essay

Sexual, harassment, essay, research Paper Sexual, harassment

The recent Facebook campaign of metoo also focuses on the aspect of trying to make people come out in open about their hidden fears of being judged because they were assaulted. This campaign took wings in a few days and many tweets and Facebook posts started to talk explicitly of how and where people were harassed. Incident of sexual harassment dont contain themselves to any particular age group. There are cases of harassment filed on behalf of juvenile girls in India, by their parents. From the age of three to seventy-two, we have had cases of women being harassed and exploited. Age is not a factor which provokes such incidents, as claimed by many. How sexually developed is a three-year-old girl to be raped? What pleasure will anyone get by sexually abusing a seventy-two-year-old woman?

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Tarun Tejpal, chief editor of review Tehelka magazine; we have had several cases of sexual harassment. It took 20 years for the Indian judiciary to come up with laws to protect women from sexual harassment. Vishakha guidelines were taken as a law review in 2013 which stood against harassment of women in workplace. What is astounding about this law is that it raises more questions than it answers. Does this law not consider harassment at home or in any public domain to be equivalent to harassment in place? Does it not believe that even men can be victims of sexual harassment? Is it compulsorily going to be a woman who will be assaulted in India? These are the questions which have arisen in response to the vishakha guidelines, which too could not deliver justice. Bhanwari devis rape case. Nowadays we have many ngos and university cells which are spreading awareness on sexual harassment and encouraging people to fight and speak up against.

There is a whole system and procedures in place which are activated when such a case comes. The famous cases of sexual harassment. Senator Bob Packwood and, six-year-old. Brockton, massachusetts School District; were dealt with in an appropriate manner. As a result of their act, in the former case the senator faced resignation from his post. Latter case resulted in the school revising its sexual harassment policy. These cases, if compared to the Indian cases will make us realise how India took so long to come up with Vishaka guidelines. Even though we had complaints regarding sexual harassment where former Punjab Director General of Police, kps gill was accused of harassing a senior ips officer in 1988. From then till now, resume where we have heard of Ashok kumar Ganguly, a former Supreme court judge and.

harassment essay

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The effect of harassment has been medically observed to be depression, loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, loss of concentration, feeling of constant sickness in the stomach, unwillingness to do any chores, etc. It perpetrates a feeling of disgust for ones own body, in the victim. They lose their sense of dignity and look down upon their own selves. All this results in the willingness of the person to commit suicide, as they see no way out. All this because society hotel shuns them and gives them no dignitary place. This was the view on how Indian society treats its sexual harassment victims. Not just Indian actually but also pakistan, bangladesh, Afghanistan and a few more Asian nations. Contrasting this with the modern developed western worlds, do we see a very different image then the one we have literature already discussed about. The western societies are more open about the claims to sexual harassment and they deal with it in a much more mature manner.

We need to understand that the words used by a society to describe the harassed person are often very harsh and crude. They are not at all sensitive towards the feelings of that person and do not even consider being gentle towards them. Harassed people are often treated as if they are offenders and have committed some crime. The view that sexual harassment brings embarrassment to the harassed and that they should not voice it, needs to be done away with. We need to construct a more holistic approach towards this problem and bring out the fearful aspect. The impacts of sexual harassment on the person who is harassed cannot be measured. The damage done, has not only been physical. It is mentally torturing for someone to have borne the pain and not been able to share with anyone. They cannot talk about it to people and this empowers the felon even more.

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harassment essay

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It is a much-debated topic in current times. What we need to realize is that mere discussions will not help alone. We need to understand the depth of the topic and consider its complications; only then can we go ahead and place our respective views. Another angle that will be taken up in this essay is the societys take on sexual harassment. We will discuss the views of Indian society as well as the western, so called modern societies. Sexual harassment is not a topic of this generation. It has existed and sadly, survived through the older generations.

Earlier people considered it shameful to talk about wallpaper it and would not bring it out in public spaces. But now we have popular organisations, student groups and therapists discuss this motion out in open. It is not about the dimensions that you see in this issue. It is about the wholesome picture that it presents to you, whether you can grasp the concept as a whole or are you just clinging on to certain aspects. Indian society often shuns the discussion on sexual harassment and embarrasses the victim. Well, the word victim too puts the harassed in the weak position and brings out the idea of damage has been done. This further perpetrates a guilt feeling in the person who is harassed and makes them think that they should have been more careful.

She replied, i honestly do not know what the procedure is when filing a sexual harassment complaint at Clark, but it is handle in Harkness Hall on the 2nd floor in the human Resource Office. So, my friend and I walked to harkness Hall to the human Resource Office and again i introduced myself to the two ladies sitting in the office. I informed them of the reason for me being there, which was to file an sexual harassment complaint. Again, looking for nonverbal cues I received a bland and expressionless facial expression from the both of them. I told the ladies that someone.

The rest of the paper is available free of charge to our registered users. The registration process just couldn't be easier. Log in or register now. It is all free! Sexual harassment is not just a term. Its a whole phenomenon in itself. At times, it unfolds all at once or else it takes time.

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She said, i m glad that this was a paper because Clark did not need anymore negativity. All of a sudden, her perception of me seemed to change, not to mention, her nonverbal cues. Her i eye-to-eye contact became stronger and the tone in her voice lightened up a little. She seemed to be more eager to help me now than she did previously. Furthermore, i came back to that office the next day and the person whom I was suppose to speak with was still not there. I asked the lady avis, 4 whom I spoke garden with the day before was there anyone else that I could address about this matter. She assisted my friend and I to another lady who s office was on the left. We enter into the office and i again introduced myself to her and I told her that I wanted to find out the proper procedure in filing a sexual harassment complaint.

harassment essay

So, in search to find out whether the administration s nonverbal cues were going to be warm, cold, compassionate, or neutral ;I wore an slightly inappropriate attire. As my friend and I walked into the students affair office, i noticed to my right a lady seating behind a desk and another women sitting in front of her in a chair. I told the lady seating behind the desk that my name was keisha avis and I wanted to know the proper procedure in filing a sexual harassment complaint. Waiting for her response and watching for her nonverbal cues, i received a kind of distant, but cold stare. The lady began statement to talk, but her focus was not. She kept fumbling around with papers on her desk and I barely got any eye to eye contact. She informed me that the person whom I should speak to about this matter was out of town at the moment and would not be back until tomorrow. At that moment, i asked the lady is their anyway that the person whom I needed to speak with could see me tomorrow on account of I have a research paper to write and I needed to get more information about filing a sexual harassment. After I told her this complaint was dealing with a research paper that I had to do for a class, she made a comment which I considered to be disturbing.

filed. Finally, if he or she fail to file a written complaint after verbally making the sexual harassment report within (3) working day will be considered to be a withdrawal. Also, if the person whom the complaint was filed against fails to respond in (7) working days, disciplinary measure will be taken under these circumstances. In addition, in my pursuit to filing a sexual harassment complaint at Clark, i decided to do an experiment involving my physical appearance. Meaning, i changed from my normal attire into an attire that most would probably be consider inappropriate. The intent of my experiment was to capture the administrations nonverbal cues such as their facial expression and body language directed towards me when both the students and the administration hear the topic of discussion. Unfortunately, nonverbal cues often discourage victims from filing a sexual harassment complaint. Avis, 3 The victim may feel as if they are treated like the offender instead of the victim.

This paper will evaluate the proper procedure in filing a sexual harassment complaint at Clark Atlanta University and the reaction received from the administration and students when such accusations are brought before the public. In filing a sexual harassment complaint at Clark Atlanta University one must follow specific guidelines. First, anyone who feels that he or she has been the victim of essay sexual harassment should contact the director of Human Resources in Harkness Hall within 15 working days of the incident. The report can be made verbally or written. If the report is written they must submitted a signed statement of the complaint within (3) working days. Avis, 2 Secondly, after the director has received the complaint, they will contact the person who allegedly initiated the sexual harassment and give them (7) working days to respond to the complaint. Thirdly, upon receiving the response from the alleged person, the director carefully reads the response and facts and summaries the complaint. She then sends this summary to Provost. Provost after reviewing the facts of the investigation, which includes interviews with all parties involved, will determine if sexual harassment has occurred or not.

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Sexually harassment at Clark Atlanta University for many years issues regarding sexual harassment has been kept quiet and swept underneath the rug. However, presently, more and more people are speaking up and out about report being sexually harassed. In the schools, students, as well as, teachers are informed of the school s sexual harassment policy and that it is not to be tolerated in any form or fashion. Also, since sexual harassment has become an major issue in the workplace, men and women are told about a company s policy of sexual harassment at the time of the company s orientation. They are also educated about the consequences behind such undesirable behavior or acts, which could lead to job termination or probation with a company. Hence, more and more companies are gradually doing away with employee-employee relationships on the job, especially if one of the employees hold a high position or a certain status. In any event, when filing a sexual harassment complaint their are specific procedures that a person must follow. These procedures varies form institution to institution.

harassment essay
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