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theseus biography

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"Alexander to Aristotle, greeting. You have not done well to publish your books of oral doctrine; for what is there now that we excel others in, if those things which we have been particularly instructed in be laid open to all? For my part, i assure you, i had rather excel others in the knowledge of what is excellent, than in the extent of my power and dominion. Farewell." And Aristotle, soothing this passion for pre-eminence, speaks, in his excuse for himself, of these doctrines as in fact both published and not published: as indeed, to say the truth, his books on metaphysics are written in a style which makes them useless for. Doubtless also it was to Aristotle that he owed the inclination he had, not to the theory only, but likewise to the practice of the art of medicine. For when any of his friends were sick, he would often prescribe them their course of diet, and medicines proper to their disease, as we may find in his epistles.

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For being more bent upon action and glory than either upon pleasure or riches, he esteemed all that he should receive from his father as a diminution and prevention of his own future achievements; and would have chosen rather to succeed to a kingdom involved. The care of his education, as it might be presumed, was committed to a great many attendants, preceptors, and teachers, over the whole of whom leonidas, a near kinsman of Olympias, a man of an austere temper, presided, who did not indeed himself decline the. But he who took upon him the actual place and style of his pedagogue was Lysimachus the Acarnanian, who, though he had nothing to recommend him, but his lucky fancy of calling himself Phoenix, Alexander Achilles and Philip Peleus, was therefore well enough esteemed, and. Philonicus the Thessalian brought the horse bucephalus to Philip, offering to sell him for thirteen talents; but when they went into the field to try him, they found him so very vicious and unmanageable, that he reared up when they endeavoured to mount him, and. Upon which, as they were leading him away as wholly useless and untractable, alexander, who stood by, said, "What an excellent horse do they lose for want of address and boldness to manage him!" Philip at first took no notice of what he said; but. Presently, when he found him free from all rebelliousness, and only impatient for the course, he let him go at full speed, inciting him now with a commanding voice, and urging him also with his heel. Philip and his friends looked on at first in silence and anxiety for the result, till seeing him turn at the end of his career, and come back rejoicing and triumphing for what he had performed, they all burst out into acclamations of applause; and. For he repeopled his native city Stagira, which he had caused to be demolished a little before, and restored all the citizens, who were in exile or slavery, to their habitations. As a place for the pursuit of their studies and exercise, he assigned the temple of the nymphs, near mieza, where, to this very day, they show you aristotle's stone seats, and the shady walks which he was wont to frequent. It would appear that Alexander received from him not only his doctrines of Morals and of Politics, but also something of those more abstruse and profound theories which these philosophers, by the very names they gave them, professed to reserve for oral communication to the. For when he was in Asia, and heard Aristotle had published some treatises of that kind, teenage he wrote to him, using very plain language to him in behalf of philosophy, the following letter.

Aristoxenus in his Memoirs tells us that a most agreeable odour exhaled from his skin, and that his breath and body all over was so fragrant as to perfume the clothes which he wore next him; the cause of which might probably be the hot. For sweet smells, Theophrastus conceives, are produced by the concoction of moist humours by heat, which is the reason that those parts of the world which are driest and most burnt up afford spices of the best kind and in the greatest quantity; for the. And this hot constitution, it may be, rendered Alexander so addicted to drinking, and so choleric. His temperance, as to the pleasures of the body, was apparent in him in his very childhood, as he was with much difficulty incited to them, and always used them with great moderation; though in other things be was extremely eager and vehement, and. For he neither sought nor valued it upon every occasion, as his father Philip did (who affected to show his eloquence almost to a degree of pedantry, and took care to have the victories of his racing chariots at the Olympic games engraven on his. Indeed, he seems in general to have looked with indifference, if not with dislike, upon the professed athletes. He often appointed prizes, for which not only tragedians and musicians, pipers and harpers, but rhapsodists also, strove to outvie one another; and delighted in all manner of hunting and cudgel-playing, but never gave any encouragement to contests either of boxing or of the pancratium. While he was yet very young, he entertained the ambassadors from the king of Persia, in the absence of his father, and entering much into conversation with them, gained so much upon them by his affability, and the questions he asked them, which were far. Whenever he heard Philip had taken any town of importance, or won any signal victory, instead of rejoicing at it altogether, he would tell his companions that his father would anticipate essay everything, and leave him and them no opportunities of performing great and illustrious actions.

theseus biography

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Philip, after this vision, sent Chaeron of Megalopolis to consult the oracle of Apollo at Delphi, by which he was commanded to perform sacrifice, and henceforth pay particular honour, above all other gods, to Ammon; and was told he should one day lose that eye. Eratosthenes says that Olympias, when she attended Alexander on his way to the army in his first expedition, told him the secret of his birth, nashville and bade him behave himself with courage suitable to his divine extraction. Others again affirm that she wholly disclaimed any pretensions of the kind, and was wont to say, "When will Alexander leave off slandering me to juno?" Alexander was born the sixth of Hecatombaeon, which month the macedonians call lous, the same day that the temple. The temple, he says, took fire and was burnt while its mistress was absent, assisting at the birth of Alexander. And all the eastern soothsayers who happened to be then at Ephesus, looking upon the ruin of this temple to be the forerunner of some other calamity, ran about the town, beating their faces, and crying that this day had brought forth something that would. Just after Philip had taken Potidaea, he received these three messages at one time, that Parmenio had overthrown the Illyrians in a great battle, that his race-horse had won the course at the Olympic games, and that his wife had given birth to Alexander; with. The statues that gave the best representation of Alexander's person were those of Lysippus (by whom alone he would suffer his image to be made those peculiarities which many of his successors afterwards and his friends used to affect to imitate, the inclination of his. But Apelles, who drew him with thunderbolts in his hand, made his complexion browner and darker than it was naturally; for he was fair and of a light colour, passing into ruddiness in his face and upon his breast.

Therefore as portrait-painters are more exact in the lines and features of the face, in which the character is seen, than in the other parts of the body, so i must be allowed to give my more particular attention to the marks and indications. It is agreed on by all hands, that on the father's side, alexander descended from Hercules by caranus, and from aeacus by neoptolemus on the mother's side. His father Philip, being in Samothrace, when he was quite young, fell in love there with Olympias, in company with whom he was initiated in the religious ceremonies of the country, and her father and mother being both dead, soon after, with the consent. The night before the consummation of their marriage, she dreamed that a thunderbolt fell upon her body, which kindled a great fire, whose divided flames dispersed themselves all about, and then were extinguished. Philip, some time after he was married, dreamt that he sealed up his wife's body with a seal, whose impression, as be fancied, was the figure of a lion. Some of the diviners interpreted this as a warning to Philip to look narrowly to his wife; but Aristander of Telmessus, considering how unusual it was to seal up anything that was empty, assured him the meaning of his dream was that the queen was. Once, moreover, a serpent was found lying by Olympias as she slept, which more than anything else, it is said, abated Philip's passion for her; and whether he feared her as an enchantress, or thought she had commerce with some god, and so looked. Others say, that the women of this country having always been extremely addicted to the enthusiastic Orphic rites, and the wild worship of Bacchus (upon which account they were called Clodones, and Mimallones imitated in many things the practices of the Edonian and Thracian women.

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theseus biography

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Therefore he did not get the recognition he deserved. As a final comment, we note that Thiele was an excellent chess player and an active member of the first Danish chess club founded in 1865. Article by: 'connor and obertson Click on this link to see a list of the Glossary entries for this page The url of this page is: ml). Commentary: several comments have been posted about. Download: A 173k text-only version is available for download.

Alexander (died 323. by Plutarch, written. Translated by john Dryden, it being my purpose to write the lives of Alexander the king, and of caesar, by whom Pompey was destroyed, the multitude of their essay great actions affords so large a field that I were to blame if I should not. It must be borne in mind that my design is not to write histories, but lives. And the most glorious exploits do not always furnish us with the clearest discoveries of virtue or vice in men; sometimes essay a matter of less moment, an expression or a jest, informs us better of their characters and inclinations, than the most famous sieges, the.

He published this in 1909 in his book which made a major contribution to numerical analysis. He introduced cumulants (under the name of "half-invariants in 1889, 1897, 1899, about 30 years before their rediscovery and exploitation by isher. Lauritzen writes in 2 :- As an original thinker, Thiele and his ideas were often far reaching and ahead of his time, so much so that he was rarely understood by his students and contemporaries. He himself may not have grasped the full generality and scope of his own ideas. His ideas were not confined to mathematical aspects of his subjects, however, and we" again from 2 :- besides his professional interests, Thiele was engaged in aspects of social policy. he suggested consideration of the results of a vote as an outcome of a repeated experiment with fixed probability of distribution, and taking into account the uncertainty due to the sampling when evaluating whether the vote is decisive or not.

He was interested in issues of insurance and old-age pensions from a social point of view. Thiele emphasised that old age is the destiny of us all, as opposed to disability or premature death, which is a random phenomenon. Therefore a pension system should be seen as a social contract between generations with the State as mediator rather than as an insurance. Gram sums up Thiele's contributions in 4 and like lauritzen stresses how far ahead of his time he was:- thiele thought profoundly and thoroughly on any matter which occupied him and he had a wonderful perseverance and faculty of combination. But he liked more to construct his own methods than to study the methods of other people. Therefore his reading was not very extensive and he often took a one-sided view which had a restrictive influence on his results and his own speculations. Thiele's importance as a theoretician lies therefore more in the original ideas he stated than his formulations, and his ideas were in many respects not only original but far ahead of his time.

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However his most important contributions were made to the theory of statistics with his most fundamental book on the subject being published in 1889. One of his most important contributions to actuarial science was a differential equation for the net premium reserve. V t at time t for a life insurance, namely dV t / dt π dV t - m t (1, v t ) where π is the premium per unit time, d is the force of interest, and m t is the force. Although, as we have said, this differential equation is Thiele's most significant contribution to actuarial science, he never published the result. We know of it through. Ram who was shown the result by Thiele. He is remembered for having an eksempel interpolation formula named after him, the formula being used to obtain a rational function which agrees with a given function at any number of given points.

theseus biography

University of Copenhagen, he was the chief actuary for an insurance company. He was a founder of the danish insurance company hafnia and was its Mathematical Director from 1872 until his death. Zeuthen and, petersen, he founded the, danish Mathematical Society in 1873. This was not his only contributions to founding important Danish institutions, for in 1901 the danish Actuarial Society was founded at his initiative. As Director of the Astronomical Observatory Thiele had an interest in astronomy. This led to his study of orbits and he wrote one paper on the three body problem. In 1895 Thiele showed that singularities in the motion of such a system could often be removed by a suitable transformation allowing the motion of bodies after a collision to be studied. In 1880 he published his first paper on least squares which is described in 2 as follows:-, it is a brilliant tour de force, but so far ahead of its time that few could appreciate the results.

He was also a dramatist, poet and folklorist. As lauritzen writes in 2, thiele. Grew up in a prominent family and a culturally and intellectually stimulating environment. Thiele studied astronomy at the University of Copenhagen and from there he obtained his Master's Degree in 1860. Six years later he was awarded a doctorate for a thesis which studied double stars, in particular for studying their orbits. In the year following the award of his doctorate, thiele married Marie martine Trolle. They had six children, of whom four survived their first year of life.

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Thorvald Thiele 's father was essay Just Mathias Thiele who was 43 years old when Thorvald was born. Thorvald Thiele's name requires an explanation. He was named after Bertel Thorvaldsen, a sculptor who was the first internationally acclaimed Danish artist. Thorvaldsen was born in around 1770 so was 68 years old when Thiele was born. As a friend of the family, thorvaldsen became one of Thiele's godfathers and his parents gave their son the name Thorvald after his famous godfather. From this account we already see that Thorvald's father had friends among the leading artists in Denmark. In fact he was a highly educated man who was the private librarian to king Christian viii of Denmark and Director of the royal College of Prints.

theseus biography
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Ben Richards decides to take a stand against this when he goes on the. But we should practice more self-control during times that we are having.

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  1. If you disagree with this poet s categorization, make a suggestion. Report a problem with this biography., theseus the minotaur (1991) 1991 The case-book of Sherlock holmes (tv series) (1 episode) - the disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax (1991). Klimt was responsible for designing its poster, a line drawing called. Theseus, fighting the minotaur.

  2. Aemilius paulus Pelopidas. Cato the Elder Philopoemen. More by Steve gehrke.

  3. For alto saxophone, jazz drum kit orchestra (1995) Pulse Shadows (9 movements for string quartet interleaved with 9 Settings of Celan) (1989-1996) The Axe manual, for piano percussion (2000). Vol., includes the following micro-biographies and comparisons: Theseus. Numa pompilius Solon. Fabius Maximus Alcibiades.

  4. Theseus leads his men into battle with the immortal Greek gods to defeat the evil gods of the titans in order to save mankind. The motley lineup of figures in the marathon group included gods (Apollo, athena the eponymous heroes of the Athenian tribes (Erechtheus, kekrops, and so on mythical Athenian kings (. Born: 24 December 1838 in Copenhagen, denmark died: 26 September 1910 in Copenhagen, denmark.

  5. Act One - scene One: The play opens with. Theseus looking forward to marrying Hippolyta. Alexander by Plutarch, part of the Internet Classics Archive. Plutarch s biography of alexander english translation.

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