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legend book review

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Only one held back - manannan, whose. Legend, the Drenai novels: book.7, druss, captain of the Axe, whose fame was legendary, had chosen to wait for death in a mountain hideaway. But mighty Dros Delnoch, the last stronghold of the Drenai empire. The king beyond The gate, the Drenai novels: book.5. Once the mighty fortress had stood strong, defended by the mightiest of all Drenai heroes, Druss, the legend. But now a tyrannical, mad emperor had seized control of the.

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The characters are given just the right amount of back history, not too little and not too much and there is a pleasant mixture of action, suspense and plot. . All these elements merge together to create a story that is rich and satisfying. I personally do not think that this is Gemmell's finest but it surely has to be his most important, as without it nothing would have followed. . Legend is a great place to start if you have not read any of his work before and a great blend of sword, sorcery and heroism. A must read for any heroic fantasy fans. This Legend book short review was written. Floresiensis, the legend Of deathwalker, the Drenai novels.0, druss the legend, the dark axman known adventure as the deathwalker, must join the warrior Talisman on a mission of blood and glory. Only the stolen eyes of Alchazzar-mystic jewels. Knights of Dark renown. The Drenai novels.1, the Knights of the gabala, legendary protectors of the nine duchies, have disappeared through a demon-haunted gateway between worlds.

'Proud mortal!' hissed a sibilant voice through the veils of agony. 'i never sought you. You have hunted me through these long, lonely years. Stay on this mountain and I guarantee you two teresa score more years. Your muscles will atrophy, your brain will sink into dotage. You will bloat, old man, and I will only come when you beg. Chapter 5: Legend, legend is wonderful heroic fantasy with great characters and the author has a way of describing landscapes and setting moods that fully immerses the reader in the world of the Drenai.

legend book review

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If the fortress falls, so do the Drenai. Now while i love gemmell i am not so blinkered as to be unable to admit that his work is not without fault. But what Gemmell does so bloody well is write the the kind of books for which the term fire-side reading was invented. And Legend is far from perfect, this was after all Gemmell's first foray into the realm of writing fantasy and his skills are from as honed as they would later become. But this is where it all began, the book in which Gemmell stamped his trademark on the fantasy genre. This showed just how enjoyable heroic fantasy could be and in Druss, gemmell invented an unforgettable and tragically heroic figure whos never beaten and is able to overcome almost insurmountable odds. Here is an extract from the beginning of the book: A shadow fell across Druss's eyes, the sun died in the heavens and the mountains receded into mist. Pain clamped Druss's mighty chest, soul deep, and he almost fell.

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legend book review

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From Paris with love trailer. David Gemmell is unquestionably one of my favourite fantasy authors. For the past 25 years his books have been read and re-read and i am still not weary of them, and I hope that will always be the case. Some gemmell books I read as a teenager and so i was interested in seeing whether my now older, more cynical self, could derive the same amount of pleasure experienced all those years ago. Legend was david Gemmell's first published novel, which he began writing in 1976 when he believed himself to be suffering from a terminal illness (he was misdiagnosed).

He wrote what was then tentatively titled The siege of Dros Delnoch as a way of taking his mind off his illness but the fatalism and the exploration of the meaning of human life that runs strongly throughout the narrative is no doubt influenced by our his state of mind. The book was finally published in 1984 under the new title legend, since when it has become a worldwide bestseller that marks the beginning of Gemmell's highly popular Drenai series of novels. Druss is the legend, a warrior whose life stories are told everywhere. He has shunned a life of comfort and wealth in favour a solitary life spent on a mountain bordering the clouds. He is sixty years old and death awaits him when he receives a request of help from the defenders of the fortress of Dros Delnoch. The nadir are conquering all before them, as did the Drenai in years past. All that stands before them and victory is the fortress, protected by six outer walls and the stronghold of the Drenai empire.

The playboy is wary because she is black and a woman but doesnt have much of a choice. Fortunately she is a busty, black woman and she saves him by dancing around naked in front of him with his fiance and father-in-law watching, and then having sex with him and drawing the demon into herself. I sometimes felt as if I were reading the script to a really bad porno movie. Besides the fact that there didnt seem to be anything more to this story than Mathesons weird sex fantasy, i was also bothered by the fact that he persistently defined the women in the story as feeling shamed. The woman who saved his life felt shamed when she walked into the room topless.

And then later in the story his fiance felt shamed, perhaps because she felt she shouldnt have resisted when she watched her friend have sex with her husband-to-be. I didnt appreciate the constant connection between womens sexuality and shame, and Im sure it didnt help that I didnt particularly like most of his short stories. This review is part of the cannonball read series. Details are here and the growing number of participants and their blogs are here. And check here for more of Sophias reviews. Cannonball read / Sophia, books, december 24, 2008, dustin is the founder and co-owner of Pajiba. You may email him here or follow him. do you have a life?

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Merely throwing in the undead or talking about funerals doesnt do anything for. Only one story even kind of scared me, and I think thats because it was about a young, single woman who was attacked in her apartment—even though she was attacked by a miniature doll, so even then I wasnt that scared. One other issue i had with Mathesons writing was the way he wrote about women, which Im sure was partly a product of the times when he wrote. The 1950s werent exactly a banner year for womens issues. I am Legend, robert neville states when he finally meets another human—a woman—that he would have violated her if it had been a couple years earlier because, yknow, men have needs. I tried to imagine will Smith raping the woman he meets up with in the movie because hes horny, and it didnt work. Perhaps this is just a sign that men have improved in the last 50 degenerative years, or at least the men i know. Mathesons most annoying take on women is in his short story entitled From Shadowed Places, where a rich, playboy has a curse put on him by a zulu witch doctor while he is trophy hunting in Africa. Fortunately his fiance has an old friend from school who spent some time in Africa, learning under a witch doctor, and knows how to deal with these things.

legend book review

The main difference between the two is the ending. The books ending fits the story perfectly and ironically, making the entire story meaningful and more memorable, but the movie strays too write far from the book for its last chapter and suffers by comparison. And I say this after also having seen the alternate end on dvd. Of course, now that ive seen both, Im having a hard time remembering which was the original movie ending, but I prefer to selectively remember only the first 2/3 of the movie anyway. I was not as impressed by the ten other short stories included in this book. The problem might again have been the genre, but I did not find them nearly as absorbing or thoughtful as the main story. I guess they were all generally well-written and the characters were often interesting enough that they werent painful to read about, but I was glad when I finally finished.

general aversion to horror stories, i enjoyed reading. Nevilles daily survival is interesting, and Matheson slowly leaks out information about neville, his past, his present, and the specifics about the vampires so that the book often reads like a mystery. I also liked comparing the book and the movie. The movie changed the location to nyc, changed the cause of the disease, and changed some of the aspects of the disease for story purposes. Most of these changes, i think, made for a better movie. Seeing Robert neville tearing through a deserted and lonely times Square is much more visually captivating—horrific. Deer notwithstanding—than seeing him wander around a nondescript suburb. The movie also captured nevilles loneliness and solitude quite well, managing to have the same feeling of the book, without being tied down to all the particulars.

I am Legend resumes at the library. Fortunately the copy i found had. I am Legend as well as ten other short stories written by richard Matheson. This was fortunate because. I am Legend has only 170 pages, and even though I dont mind flouting the reading contest rules when appropriate, i dont want to do it for every book i read. So, the ten other short stories added another 150 pages to the book, making it more than adequate in length. Ill start with the title story and reason for reading this book in the first place, i am Legend (1954). Robert neville is alone in the world, having survived an epidemic that swept the earth, killing people and turning them into vampire creatures. The creatures cannot stand the sun and go into a coma-like state during the day, but at night they come and attack his embattled house.

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December 24, 2008, publishers note: For those counting, with 28 books read, sophia has actually pulled into 2nd place in lab the cannonball read, only 5 books behind Prisco. I recently watched Will Smiths version. I am Legend, which made me curious enough about the original story to consider expanding my reading to the horror genre. Whether movies or books, horror is probably my least favorite. The only horror movie ive seen in the last five years was. Shaun of the dead, and Im not even sure if that one counts. But ive been reading so many books lately, its a good excuse to branch out and read some things I wouldnt otherwise. Like most of my reading material, i picked.

legend book review
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  1. (At 170 pages, it barely achieves book status at all. In the book i am Legend, robert neville states when he finally meets another human—a woman—that he would have violated her if it had been. This review is part of the cannonball read series. I am Legend Written by richard Matheson Tor books.

  2. Also, the more gemmell books you read, the more you will grow to love legend. Honestly, this is a tough book to review. I did like the story, but one of the biggest bothers for. But really, i am Legend isnt strictly a vampire book.

  3. Stylish dystopian thriller in a not-so-future los Angeles. Read Common Sense media's Legend, book 1 review, age rating, and parents guide. This Legend book review was written by Floresiensis.

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