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trip to moon essay

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for the benefit of anyone who is studying this film or just fascinated by it, Im going to attempt a shot-by-shot commentary. Georges Méliès, a trip to the moon, released in France on 1st September 1902. It might start out rudimentary and descriptive, but as i add to and re-edit it from time to time it will be embellished with notes garnered from further reading and visitors commentaries (feel free to add your observations at the bottom of this post. Ive included lots of links, some of which expand upon a key point, while others offer a surprising but interesting digression, i hope. When I first started writing this post, i was working from the version. A trip to the moon included in the, flicker Alley dvd boxset, which I mentioned briefly in an earlier post. I was also inspired by michael Brookes attempt to write a commentary on every single film in the set, and would urge you to take a look at his site.

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Be prepared to be seriously jostled by the crowds, but its also the chance to feast on the best street food. One of the most surprising sights and a rue delight is the Cheonggyecheon Stream. Running for just under 4 miles through the city, the stream is remarkably quiet given its location, because it is 15 foot below street level. The serene setting, accentuated by waterfalls and bridge is a favorite strolling spot for romantic couples. With a flying visit to Itaewon, the popular ex-pat neighborhood near to the main us army base, my time in seoul came to an end. I was enthralled and captivated and hope i get to return one day. First Published ; Updated 12 February 2009; ; 24 February 2012; ive been international adding to this post occasionally since i first published tiger it on 8th October 2008. I tagged it as a work in progress, but now that ive commented a little on every shot, i thought Id publish the updates (it has more than doubled in length since it first appeared) and declare it (almost) finished. I will continue to update it every once in a while, but I hope you find it interesting and informative in its present form. I still invite comments or further information from anyone whod like to add to the essay, or who has links or bibliographic references to recommend.

Its a charm with beautiful architecture and small courtyards, with the houses interspersed with quaint cafes and art galleries. Taking the same route the next day, i took a trip into the mountains that peak behind the Presidents house, and climbed the one known as Bugaksan. This affords the opportunity to pass through the sukjeongmun Gate and through the citys ancient fortress wall. From here the seoul Fortress is easily accessible and there are also resume amazing views of seoul. Shopping in the Orient is an amazing experience so i made sure to pay a visit to the Shinsegae downtown department store. This huge emporium sells probably everything you can imagine and is a complete charm in the way the bottom floors sell all the basic staples of daily life including the ubiquitous kimchee (fermented cabbage) and are frequented by korean housewives while the upper floors cater. As fascinating as it is, the new rooftop garden is a welcome respite. But, if you are going to shop in seoul, its a must to visit the street stalls and hawkers of the namdaemum Market where the wares seem to be spread out in a blanket of never-ending stalls.

trip to moon essay

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Unlike its northern neighbor which is pretty much closed to visitors, south Korea is a welcoming and hospitable country. It is an interesting place with a unique culture and a highly developing economy. I flew into the capital seoul. On arrival in the city, it was the marked contrast between modern skyscrapers and high design shopping malls and shanty towns that was immediately striking. Wide streets lined by fancy boutiques lead to a labyrinth of narrow alleyways with tiny traditional shops and eateries and there is a clutch of great tourist attractions. My tour itinerary began on seouls main boulevard, sejongro, because i wanted to see the royal Palace (gyeongbok the Presidents residence, known as Cheongwadae or the Blue house, and the American Embassy. From here its a fairly short walk to bukchon where there is the citys largest collection of privately owned traditional wooden houses.


This greatly enhances the film, especially as it is frequently but dryly funny. Much has been said, and maybe not just by Freudians, of the sexual subtexts of a trip to the moon. For example, the astronomers are assisted by parisian showgirls, or "manservants in sexy clothing (they now seem somewhat prescient of the costumed and uniformly choreographed showgirls to come in Hollywood musicals). They build a large gun to shoot themselves to the moon, and they land with a "spurt" in the moon's eye. Whether or not any of that was intended (although Freudians, at least, would say it doesn't matter if it was intended there are more than enough comical and satirical takes on astronomers, space travel/the nature of space, and the "reality" of the moon and its. This is truly one of the earliest masterpieces of cinema). I had always wanted to visit south Korea and I recently had the chance to spend a week in this amazing country.

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trip to moon essay

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The result is a film that is as much an example of surrealism as anything else. If you have a taste for those genres-as well as for sci-fi, the absurd, and so on-as I protein do, and you are acclimated to silent films, you are sure to love a trip to the moon. The sets are amazing. The painted backdrops merge seamlessly with the constructed portions and props, creating locations with great "depth in worlds that seem to surreal exist and have a long history. There are a number of ingenious techniques used to further the illusions, such as the smoke pouring out of the parisian factories (probably a satirical depiction of some of the negative results of the Industrial revolution) as the astronomers, who are initially amusingly dressed like. Although some of the special effects and illusions are fairly transparent-such as the descending portions of scenery to enhance the effect of the "Earthrise most are surprisingly sophisticated.

Li?s is as impressive as even many modern instantiations of special effects, matte paintings and such. He certainly trumps much low-budget science fiction-even through the 1960s and 1970s-in this department, plus the surrealistic touches give him an edge that I would like to see more in modern films. Just as important, the story is very entertaining. The pacing and narrative construction sustains your interest and manages to make a short that is less than 15-minutes long seem as substantial as a 90-minute feature. Although i've seen versions in the past without it, i now have a version with the intended voice-over narration included (in Kino's "The movies Begin" box set).

Unlike most of the other early film pioneers, M? Li?s had a background in show business. He was a skilled magician/illusionist who took over a famed Paris venue, the Th? Li?s embraced the theatricality of film, always searching for ways to make the new medium approximate the ideals (well, or at least the ideals of the fantasy and spectacle side) of the theater. Thus, he made rapid advances in production design, literary content, special effects and further developed an early form of editing, providing a bridge between the early shorts, which were purely mise-en-sc? Ne, to a more modern form of montage.

A trip to the moon's scenes, with their elaborate production design, complete with backdrops painted by M? Li?s, are still constructed in a way similar to Thomas Edison's The barbershop (1894 or the lumi? Re Brothers' baignade en mer (1895)-that is, with complex, layered, contrapuntal motion playing out before a static camera, which represents the audience's point of view as they watch the action unfold on a "stage". The difference is that whereas Edison and Lumi? Re tended to shoot for a feigned naturalism (in some cases-but far fewer than the conventional wisdom has it-actually capturing a "natural" event M? Li?s tries to see how far he can push the fantastical.

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Li?s' own The Astronomer's Dream, or The man on the moon (le r? Ve d'un astronome, 1898) predates this by four years. But this is the first widely known and offer accepted sci-fi film, with a significant length, and it has the important distinction of a pithy, well-told story, which M? Li?s based on Jules Verne's de la terre? La lune (From the earth to the moon first published in 1865, and parts. Wells' The first Men in the moon, first published in 1901. The fact that it was intended as something of a parody is often overlooked, and recontextualizes its sci-fi progenitor status quite a bit, but in a positive way. Like horror, sci-fi frequently walks a fine line between camp and seriousness, so it is appropriate for the token seminal film to have parodic elements. Far more important than a trip to the moon's relation to sci-fi, however, is its significance as a film, without genre qualification.

trip to moon essay

When looking at the definition of mise-en-scene and looking at this film, one would tend to think that Melies himself invented the term. Bibliography, just the film george melies A trip to the moon. A group of astronomers hold a meeting where they discuss how to travel to the moon. The head astronomer proposes that they build something like a huge gun or cannon and fire themselves at the lunar face. After some argument, this is agreed upon, and we see the construction of the cannon and its bullet-like capsule. Once on the moon, the astronomers discover the strange civilization of the selenites. A trip to the moon (aka le voyage dans la hip lune, voyage to the moon, and even a trip to mars, curiously enough) is usually considered the first token sci-fi film. "token" is important there, as this surely isn't the first film we could call sci-fi-even Trip to the moon designer/etc.

at that time. Some sort of green men, with the martian antennae type, and cape. The woman also are dressed to impress as they see the men off before they leave on their trip to the moon, in what looks to be like some sort of bathing suit, ballerina type dresses. Melies who was a magician also knew how to capture his audience with the use of special effects, using stop motion photography he was able to create the wizards being able to destroy the moon-men. Moreover, the actual launching of his space-ship to the moon was edited in such a fashion that is what most basic narratives follow today: The pulling of the string to launch them out of the cannon. A shot of the moon being hit in the eye, and then a shot of the ship in the moon. Melies definitley utilized his knowledge of the theatre, and he also knew that his film would have mostly static shots, so he told his film by using his elaborate costumes as well as his elaborate set pieces and special effects. The man was way ahead of his time and knew how to keep his audiences attention.

There were no close-ups in Trip to the moon no dolly shots, or handheld. Throughout the film the same angle and longshot is used, however that does not take away from the film, knowing that he could only utilize this shot, melies went on to first: Decorate his set like no one had ever seen. For instance in the beginning of the film we can see what looks like an abundance of individuals who seemed to be gathered in what resembles a castle of some sort. This is where the so-called wizards have gathered and have figured out to take their trip to the moon. The following scene shows us a large cannon type figure, an extremely large cannon to be exact, very abnormal looking. The concept of space travel at this time was unheard of and this being a silent film, allows us to realize that just by looking at this contraption that this is how they are going to get to the moon. It is by these elements that Melies utilizes mise-en-scen, and in other cases such as the rocky hills of the moon, the bullet shaped space-ship that encapsulates the wizards and sends them on their trip. The costumes of the actors that are used in the film also friendship give us the feeling that these folks are not from our time, but we can identify with their wizardly presence. The long white beards, the long jackets and shiny clothes.

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George melies Tripto The moon Essay, research Paper. In the early 1900s georges Melies introduced his film a trip to the moon to audiences in France. This film, when first lab seen by viewers at this time, was jawdropping. Melies who happened to be a magician, and illusionist before becoming a filmmaker, made one of the first-ever narratives in motion picture history. Similarily throughout Trip to the moon and many of his later films, melies, who also worked in theatre, took full advantage of what is known as Mise-en-scene. Mise-en-scene is defined as: All the elements placed in front of the camera to be photographed: the settings and props, lighting, costumes and make-up, and figure behavior. In Trip to the moon Melies created a world to which no one had ever seen on film, and utilized all the characteristics to which mise-en-scene is based upon. In probably using only one camera for his film, melies had to basically film in a theater style setting. Almost every shot of the film is a long shot which is taken from the audiences point-of-view angle.

trip to moon essay
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  1. Published by Experts Share your Essays. Com is the home of thousands of essays published by experts like you! As on trips to the moon, passengers will wear ordinary street clothes and will be accommodated in a passenger module, seating 40 to 50 people.105 Film scholar Andrew. Rausch includes a trip to the moon among the "32 most pivotal moments in the history of film saying it "changed the way movies were produced."106 Chiara ferrari's essay on the.

  2. We begin with a look at the unique set of immore. A trip to the moon (aka le voyage dans la lune, voyage to the moon, and even a trip to mars, curiously enough) is usually considered the first token sci-fi film. "token" is important there, as this surely isn't the first film we could call sci-fi. Worlds Largest Collection of Essays!

  3. Trips to the moon (ca. 1780) a compilation including True history and Icaro-menippus translated by Thomas Francklin. The first essay in a two-part series in which Lily ford explores how balloon flight transformed our ideas of landscape.

  4. This film, when first seen by viewers at this time, was jawdropping. But regardless of structural and storytelling scrutinization, a trip to the moon has become one of the most famous and recognized early productions, and therefore an excellent selection for study and exhibition. Its also one of the few to survive over the years.

  5. The race to the moon Essay. In his essay theatricality, narrativity and Trickality, andre gaudreault writes that one aspect of a trip to the moon that often gets overlooked is its editing. Méliès employed extremely rapid editing by 1902 standards. In the early 1900s georges Melies introduced his film a trip to the moon to audiences in France.

  6. When I first started writing this post, i was working from the version of a trip to the moon included in the Flicker Alley dvd boxset, which I mentioned. Paolo Cherchis Usais excellent biographical essay, a trip to the movies: georges Melies, filmmaker and Magician (1861-1938) can be found online. This is a film critique on the movie, "A Trip to the moon which was made in 1902. 530 words - 2 pages have you ever watched something that made you want to hit the sack?

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