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hunger games review

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What happened to haymitch?! He's supposed to be a self-destructive drunk! His cunning is all the more unexpected because he seems incapable of taking care of himself. I was thrilled when they cast woody harrelson and he does well in some parts but it seemed like they had to water down his character to market it to young adults. This movie had a lot of potential but it fell short in many important ways. A score of 3/10 is pretty harsh but I felt as though the filmmakers kept all of the plot points and none of the meaning. Read the books instead.

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They should have spent that time on character development! Unfortunately, this lack of character development causes the emotional scenes to fall flat. I am astounded this was even possible, given the subject matter, but the overall result lacks intensity and depth. I will credit Elizabeth Banks with an excellent portrayal of Effie trinket. She adds humor and a sense of the absurdity of Capitol life. Donald Sutherland also does well as President Snow. Jennifer Lawrence is an adequate katniss but Josh Hutcherson is terrible as peeta. He's just not very likable. We see none of his inner strength. Instead, he comes across and whiny and weak. And Wes Bentley seems to be included parent just to showcase his ability to grow an amazing beard.

When residents appear for the reaping, they look like cattle being rounded up for slaughter. The capitol, in contrast, is frightening in it's frenetic artificiality. This juxtaposition was well-done. However, the filmmakers lost me when the tributes entered the arena. There was no sense of tension. The tributes make all kinds of noise as they move through the woods, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are being hunted. Katniss stands about ten feet away from Cato as he snaps a boys neck slogan and we are supposed to believe he doesn't see her? The scenes from the control room are pointless and add nothing to the movie.

hunger games review

The hunger Games, book 1 - book review

I cannot believe the you filmmakers overlooked this important point. The capitol's exploitation of the districts is supposed to be the backdrop for the entire story. When Katniss arrives in the capitol and observes how food lab appears at a touch of a button, she cannot understand how Capitol residents fill their time. The majority of her days are consumed with feeding her family. Most of the tributes have never had enough to eat and this is a major factor in the. The beginning of the movie seemed promising. The ominous mood in District 12 was just right. It is apparent that the people who live there are exhausted and resigned to their fate.

You become so immersed in Katniss's world that poverty is a given, and violence a sad but expected part of life. The film follows the basic storyline but lacks emotional depth. The character development is almost nonexistent and the deaths in the arena are bloodless in every sense of the word. The tributes are little more than walking stereotypes so their deaths have no impact. Even rue's death- heart-wrenching in the book- is little more than a side note in the movie. If I hadn't read the books, i don't think i would have understood the dynamic between the tributes at all, including the conflicted relationship between Katniss and peeta. Their romance comes across as cheesy and unconvincing. There is no hint of the bond that grows between them as the story progresses. Perhaps my biggest criticism of this movie is that no one seems to be going hungry!

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hunger games review

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32 out of 37 found this helpful. Poor Adaptation emptygravity, warning: Spoilers, what a bitter disappointment! In order to explain what is methodology missing from the film, please allow me to describe what I love about the books. Suzanne collins creates a moving portrayal of a girl living under a cruel dictatorship. Set against a background of extreme poverty, these books show how the unequal distribution of wealth affects Panem's society. Those living in the wealthy capitol have so little in common with the destitute people from the districts that they regard the deaths of District children as entertainment.

The violence in The. Hunger, games is shocking because it is brutal and unnecessary, yet wholly embraced- even celebrated- by capitol residents. As for the district tributes, they are not enemies but they kill each other all the same, some reluctantly and others with enthusiasm. As the trilogy progresses, it becomes a compelling commentary on the madness of war and the sad futility of violence. However, these themes are woven into the books in such a way that you may not even notice they're being discussed.

Gimmicks abound, many of which easily predictable as they are introduced hamfistedly one by one during the preparation and training phase. Movie making is a business, and much of the revenue comes from young people, and there is every reason to believe that this movie is successfully catering to their tastes and preferences. Unfortunately for the rest of us, this means that all the interesting commentary on our own lives and societies that the source material might have contained is only a small subtext to a teenage drama that has been done before, better, sharper, and more convincing. The scenes with Tucci (equipped with dental enhancements that accentuate everything he does) and Banks (also in magnificent costume) are the highlights of this film, degrading the main action to mere filler for the teens. Unfortunately, for more than two hours, that's just not enough.

40 out of 46 found this helpful. Truman Show meets Battle royal tjrmmm-1, warning: Spoilers, i would say the only thing that saves this movie is the nnifer Lawrence and surprisingly a great performance by woody harrelson. It is like watching bits of ripped off story lines from other om the opening scene from the coal miners daughter,parts from The running Man. This story is just a bunch of other better movies compressed into on Disney like battle might be a good thing that Gary ross will not direct the next movie. This movie had a lot of potential but it fell short of what it could have ere is no connections with the characters. You do not care about who lives and who dies.

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Report this, copied to clipboardCopy link. Battle royale minus humor plus cheese. Jwjanneck, warning: Spoilers, i do not know the book this movie is based on, but I sincerely hope that it is much better (and have been told that it is) than its adaptation. As it stands, the movie is a pg13 version of short Battle royale, with a hint of Running Man, a touch of Truman Show, minus any irony or humor, with a lot less gore (to keep it PG13 no doubt and a lot more cheese. The one thing that might have set it apart from its many predecessors would have been the political and social background story which is hinted at in the brilliant but short performances of Tucci and Banks, but gets drowned out by the tedious, incoherent, and. Even though the "action" is clearly intended to carry the movie, given the amount of time devoted to it, it is largely vapid PG13-type stuff, where the heroine macgyvers her way out of a tight biography corner by dropping a hive of waspy insects onto her. Common sense isn't the strength of any of the contestants, which gallivant unguardedly and noisily through woods they know to be full of people out to kill them, and spend quite a bit of time publicly (and noisily) emoting when disagreeable stuff happens.

hunger games review

Age 13 Top advice and articles How Comics Helped my kid love reading). A bad copy of Battle royale. Isra, warning: Spoilers, a highly americanized version of Battle royale, with essentially the same impossible happy ending. Capitol's aesthetics, which I find close to Alice in Wonderland's Red queen (especially that pathetic Effie trinket contribute to the childish ambiance of the film. A contrast that, rather than increasing the dramatic power of the film, gives off a typical American smell. The use of Holocaust films aesthetics in the districts scenarios is, for my taste, another proof of lack of imagination, of narrative consistency. However, the great work of Jennifer Lawrence (in contrast with other characters) and the resources of Hollywood can make this film an acceptable piece of entertainment. 28 out of 31 found this helpful. Was this review helpful?

age 11, fabulous! My fave read well. Warning: side effects of reading this book may include: skipping meals and sleep to read it, having socks blown off in awesomeness, and reccomending the. Continue reading, book details, author: suzanne collins, genre: Science fiction Topics: Magic and Fantasy, sports and Martial Arts, adventures, brothers and Sisters, friendship, great boy role models, great Girl Role models, misfits and Underdogs, science and Nature book type: Fiction Publisher: Scholastic Inc. Publication date: September 14, 2008 Publisher's recommended age(s 12 - 17 Number of pages: 374 available on: Paperback, nook, hardback, ibooks, kindle continue reading Themes topics Browse titles with similar subject matter. Magic and Fantasy see all Sports and Martial Arts see all Adventures see all Brothers and Sisters see all Friendship see all Great boy role models see all Great Girl Role models see all Misfits and Underdogs see all Science and Nature see all Our. Age 14 Little Brother Exciting, provocative dystopian novel will make teens think. Age 15 Matched Fun, provoking start to dystopian series for teens.

The story and its sequels are rich in provocative political and social commentary, and explore epic themes of morality, loyalty, obedience, oppression, rebellion, redemption, sacrifice, and, of course, survival. Positive role models representations, katniss is a really strong and capable warrior girl who bravely takes the place of her younger sister in the deadly competition. Through her journey, readers will explore many big ideas. Violence, for a story about 24 teens forced to kill each other, the gore level is fairly low - but there is some. Teens are speared, shot with arrows, stabbed, mauled by wild animals, burned, and have their heads smashed and their necks broken. Injuries are realistic, including burn blistering, blood poisoning, and gangrene. A girl's tongue is cut out. Consumerism, drinking, Drugs smoking, adults drink, and one is a falling-down drunk.

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The hunger Games, book 1 book review. Jump to navigation, common Sense says, a lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this summary book. Beginning with elements of the Theseus myth, collins mixes in a large dollop. Battle royale by koushun takami, elements of Shirley jackson's. The lottery, reality tv shows, survivor, american Gladiators, and, project Runway, and an extrapolation of contemporary political and social trends. This will be a terrific discussion starter for middle-school literature groups, in which students will quickly make fruitful connections to our own society. Readers also learn a bit about how to survive in the wilderness.

hunger games review
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  5. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The, hunger Games. Exciting, provocative tale of lethal reality show. Read Common Sense media s The, hunger Games, book 1 review, age rating, and parents guide.

  6. Hunger Games book is adapted in this lionsgate production. Intense adaptation is violent, thought-provoking for teens. Read Common Sense media s The, hunger Games review, age rating, and parents guide. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The, hunger Games (The, hunger Games, book 1).

  7. The, hunger Games movie reviews metacritic score: every year in the ruins of what was once north America, the evil Capitol of the nation of Panem forces eac. The violence in The, hunger Games is shocking because it is brutal and. Have just been browsing thru reviews for Battle royalle and i chance upon this. The second half of suzanne collins final.

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